We are In-Network

Take advantage of your insurance plan and put your insurance benefits to work! Ortho PT is in-network with most health insurance plans, and the end of the year usually means deductibles or out of pocket maximums have been or are close to being met. Take advantage of your insurance coverage, and get in for some therapy at a lower out of pocket cost before the new benefit year starts in January!

North Carolina is a direct access state, allowing patients direct access to many medical services. Whether you are a new patient or returning for a different condition, most plans do not require a physician’s referral for physical therapy. If you have Medicare or have a Workers’ Comp case, a referral will be required for your physical therapy evaluation.

As a service, our office will verify your insurance coverage before your first visit. If you would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 919.556.4678 today!